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Into childhood I go

Into childhood I go   From suburban sidewalks to beachy shores I lay my childhood foundation sometimes a leafy thorn I walked those sidewalks, barefoot, friendships were born  the neighborhood, in a circle it goes around free & feeling each step like a new born the air was sun, & the sights I did see… Read more »

WWJB ~ What Would Jesus Buy @dollarstore :)

Contemporary Christ WWJB ~ What Would Jesus Buy @dollarstore 🙂 Yes, as many great minds have wondered in these contemporary times, if Jesus was in physical form now what in the world would our Beloved Jesus buy at the Dollar Store ?????……….so much to choose from & at only a buckaroo. Such deep contemplation on… Read more »

Brides with Spirit

Brides with Spirit #gotspirit #brideswithspirit #animaltotem #lion #peacock #foxfam #leopard I began this series, Brides with Spirit, several years ago. Here are a few samples of some of the art pieces from this series. As a fun & different twist to bridal imagery, I came up with the concept of pairing beautiful bridal photo’s of… Read more »

Veggie Burger in Paradise #vegout :) :)

  ♥Veggie Burger In Paradise♥ Sing to the tune of Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” #samanthapearl #newearthkitty #parrotkitty #goveggie #vegout #vegburger ♦Gave up my carnivorous ways Feelin’ better everyday Lookin’ hot & moving with ease Surfing the ocean & catchin’ the rays ♦but at night I have the most wonderful dreams The whole earth of… Read more »